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10 Lessons for Recessions with Derek Southall Founder & CEO of Hyperscale Group

And so we are officially in a recession… Jobs are being lost, litigation is on the rise and costs are …


Productised service delivery + effective proposition development = growth

Over the course of last year I wrote about many areas around the drive towards productisation. You can read more …


Property CIO and Innovation Leaders Survey 2020

The Alternative Real Estate & Property Technology Summit brought together over 100 CIOs and innovation leaders from across the leading …


Derek Southall Discusses How Legal Tech Is No Longer Dictating its Own Future

Derek writes “The last three years has seen a huge surge in the uptake of technology used by law firms …


Collaboration Focus: collaborating internally on product & service design

I am not a big fan of ‘buzz’ words but I think that ‘collaboration’ has earned its place as such …


Alex Edds: Workplace Transformation and the Next Generation Employee

With the average workforce in 2020 said to comprise 35% millennials, 35% Generation X, 24% Generation Z and only 6% …


Industry Insights: The Client of the Future – Innovating Around the Client Experience & Outcomes

Following on from the launch of Alternative Insights earlier this year, we are delighted to share with you our first …


Daniel Teacher: Workplace Transformation and the Next Generation Employee

Daniel Teacher examines the likely aspirations of the next generation and the part agile and flexible working, fast working technology, …


Lauren Parker-Mitchell: The Client of the Future – Innovating around the Client Experience

As we continue the Alternative Insights pain point series on The Client of the Future – Innovating around the Client …

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Release of Kim 10.0 – Evolving to Simplicity. Enabling Digitization.

Imagine if Professional Services organizations could self-serve and submit and track support requests without leaving Microsoft Word..

Silverfin UK article

The accountancy practice of the future

The traditional ways of working are changing at an incredible rate – all driven by the fast pace of technological …

Simon Drane article

“Productisation” will drive growth for innovative professional services firms

I believe the next decade will see a shift within professional services firms, where they will transition from a model …

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Service Innovation in a Digital World

As consumers of cloud products and services, we have come to expect unlimited access, anytime, anywhere, through simple user interfaces. …