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Derek Southall discusses that Legal Tech is no longer dictating its own future

Derek writes “The last three years has seen a huge surge in the uptake of technology used by law firms and in-house legal teams. More has happened during this period than in the 30 years before. The market has gone from famine to feast.

So why does this mean the death of Legal Tech? Surely the opposite is true? Superficially this is of course correct, but we must dig deeper to understand what is truly going on.”

Legal Tech is no longer dictating its own future…………………….

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The accountancy practice of the future

The traditional ways of working are changing at an incredible rate – all driven by the fast pace of technological change, digital transformation and efficiencies that cloud, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are bringing to the industry as a whole.

There’s a 95% chance that accounting will be automated by 2033, according to recent research – a shift that makes it it’s increasingly vital for firms to offer value beyond pure compliance work.

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