Over the course of last year I wrote about many areas around the drive towards productisation. You can read more about areas such as productisationdata, and innovation, within accountancylaw and in-house in these links. Some recent work I have done with law firms around legaltech, with product businesses and accounting firms on proposition development along with some innovation benchmarking across law and accountancy firms has crystallised my thinking on how this will evolve. In the model I published last year around legaltech I talked about the shift towards using tech for service delivery, and this shift is not unique to law. I have said before that in many ways accounting firms are even more strongly positioned to utilise data to drive future value, and I am more convinced than ever that this is the case based on recent projects.

I have sadly not had the time to write much this year as it has been so full on with advisory work, which is not a bad thing in the current climate.

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