The role of AI in law firms: an introduction


IT consultant Stephen Brown introduces us to the world of Artificial Intelligence, explaining what it is, its capabilities, potential benefits to law firms and fee earners, and why it represents a major opportunity.

Artificial Intelligence: a definition

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term mostly used to refer to machine learning: the techniques that enable computer networks to discover patterns hidden in real-world data. It is the ability for a computer to gain an understanding of the data it is processing, as opposed to a computer processing data in a way it’s been programmed to, which is a significant difference.

AI mimics certain operations of the human mind and is the phrase used to describe machines that are able to complete tasks that typically require human intelligence.

What is AI already capable of?

Maturing at a rate never seen before, AI can already be found everywhere in the modern world. It is what enables self-driving cars to be able to recognise and act appropriately towards their environment. It lies behind face-recognition programs and gadgets such as Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri, and is already embedded in the systems of many retailers, global businesses and corporations.

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