The integration complication: how merging law firms can tackle the tech


With the legal sector experiencing a significant period of consolidation, the number of UK law firms either merging or acquiring has been steadily on the rise in the last few years, with scores of legal businesses electing for the ‘better together’ approach. But what many firms do not anticipate are the complexities – and frequent complications – involved when combining IT systems and infrastructures.

Lights-On Consulting explain the importance of a well-considered IT integration plan.

When law firms merge or acquire, the due diligence applied to IT integration is typically inadequate and can result in a whole host of unanticipated problems arising right from the get-go. Many firms fail to understand the length of time it takes to combine the technical infrastructure and IT systems of multiple firms, and, in failing to be prepared, these businesses will often suffer unexpected costs.

From our own analysis of M&A activity in the UK’s legal sector, we know that for big firms, the IT implications of a merger / acquisition are recognised as critical to the overall decision and as such are considered early in the process.  This is an excellent blueprint to follow, not least as the cost of IT integration could make the difference between the viability, or not, of a deal. 

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