Smooth success: How we gained manufacturing insights with Dynamics 365 Business Centra

Friction in the workplace isn’t normally a good thing but our company thrives on it. We manufacture friction technology for industries such as automotive, construction, marine and agriculture. Our high spec friction pads, rings and sheets are vital in the machinery that helps offshore wind turbines to turn smoothly and car brake pads to brake effectively. Our company is small at the moment but we doubled in size over the past year and our growth is set to continue.

When I joined Friction Technology as general manager, I came with a fair bit of industry experience. I could see the potential of the business but I also spotted the inadequacy of the existing finance and operations system. It wasn’t even a single system but some basic software supported by several spreadsheets. It was very manually driven which made it difficult to run the business efficiently. There was no sure way to plan purchasing, control stock or clearly foresee production going through the factory.

A lot of our materials come in from Europe and South America, where our formulations are made. Lead times are often 10-12 weeks and not knowing when different supplies were arriving made it impossible to provide accurate forecasts to customers.

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