Referral relationships and opportunity management



In our latest interview in our Client Sense six-part video series, we discuss the role Client Sense plays in enhancing referral relationships and opportunity management.

The most significant source of profitable new business are referrers or key business associates. Whilst quality of service will be a critical reason for why a referrer chooses a firm, you cannot afford to be complacent about reminding any referrers of your key points of differentiation.

Recency and frequency of communication are key drivers in ensuring that your firm is sought after first.

Referrer relationships can significantly drive firm or group revenue, yet these relationships can easily dissolve if overlooked. It’s important to be aware of any movement of key connections within a referrer to ensure cadence is maintained. As well as ensuring any departure is followed to their new organisation.

How visibility of real-time data can maintain referrer relationships

The data captured by your systems can help you to understand where there has been a lapse of contact with one or more referrers, potentially helping to protect and maintain these revenue sources.

Referrers can be more valuable than any one client.

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