Public Cloud Service Blocks

No two cloud journeys are the same. Along the way, your needs change as you reach different stages of cloud adoption. So you need solutions that meet you where you are.

With Rackspace Service Blocks™, you can select the specific services you need, at each stage of your cloud journey. Our certified cloud experts help you to select, combine, add or change Service Blocks to create your own customized solution — addressing your unique cloud needs and maximizing value.

Unified cloud management across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform – making it easy for you to manage multiple public clouds.  This includes consolidated billing, unified ticketing, monitoring, alerting and consolidated user and account management.   Whether your service and support needs are specific to one public cloud or more than one, Rackspace certified cloud experts provide opinionated, data-based guidance to identify the best-fit public cloud infrastructure to meet you where you are in your cloud journey.

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