Providing a better citizen experience with AI

Advances in technology such as AI and automation are opening up new possibilities in local government services. By looking beyond the management of simple administrative tasks, to more complex processes, it can be used to provide better citizen outcomes.

Automation, chatbots, and AI are creating immense potential, especially when applied within the extensive, integrated technology stack that’s been developed by Microsoft. The growing sophistication of AI tools, and the application of cognitive technology principles, won’t just deliver better outcomes for the citizens. It’ll also help local government avert the crisis situation as they attempt to make substantial savings.

The changing face of customer engagement

The public sector faces the perfect storm: the growing expectation of customer engagement and the pressures on social care alongside tightening budgets means it must look for radical, new technology-based solutions.

For customer engagement, there’s a need to respond to rising demands while dealing with the pressure on budgets. This comes with meeting customer expectations, which are being changed by the way people do business online with the commercial sector. Local government must be able to respond to rising demands for a personalised citizen experience.

Automation can make a big contribution to efficiency, but it’s made relatively slow progress in local government.

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