Legal operations benchmarking report: Legal departments need resources to solve billing and value issues

Legal operations benchmarking report

The BusyLamp Legal Operations Benchmarking Report was created to complement existing legal operations reports that are mainly compiled from US data. BusyLamp wanted to examine what strategies are used by legal departments internationally, and discover where country differences appear. To achieve this aim, BusyLamp surveyed legal departments from 13 countries and more than 25 industries.

The average legal department of those surveyed had 57 employees and 68 million EUR external legal spend.

Key findings in the report include:

  • It is still very common (44%) to have legal operations covered as part of someone else’s role, not a full-time position, though more than half have at least one full-time resource.
  • The USA is more likely to have developed legal operations teams of two or more people, perhaps owing to a higher legal spend than the other countries. This creates a greater need for legal operations resources and the benefits they bring with regard to lowering cost and improving value and productivity.
  • Lack of internal resources is the main reason legal departments outsource work (37%), but there are differences between countries.
  • The majority of issues encountered by law firms are related to billing or perceived value for money.

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