Implementing a successful legal technology project: Scoring the project before buying or building the technology

Implementing a successful legal v4

This three-part series of blogs form a guide to implementing a successful legal technology project.

Part 1 – Scoping the project before buying or building the technology
Part 2 – Ensuring the internal and external stakeholders are on board
Part 3 – Change management during and after implementation

While not a comprehensive guide, it highlights the key areas. With consideration and attention to these areas, your legal technology project will run much smoother.

In part one, we will answer the following questions:

Why use a scope document?
What should a scope document contain?
What steps should follow the creation of a scope document?

A lot of legal technology projects fail because the tool doesn’t meet the fundamental needs of the legal department. We recommend first documenting the requirements, then sourcing the right tool/s to meet these needs.

At this stage we need to quote the poet Kipling’s … “Six honest serving men – they taught me all I knew; their names are What and Why and When; and How and Where and Who”.

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