How to manage an in-house legal technology project that delivers value to the wider business


A key driver of many in-house legal technology implementations is borne from the need to deliver high quality and efficient legal advice to the wider business. Legal is increasingly trying to be more strategically aligned with other business units and moving away from being an operational cost centre. Delivering business value can be achieved in many ways, to name just a few;

  • providing quality advice at the lowest cost (improving value for money from external legal providers)
  • improving the efficiency of the legal department
  • making it easier for business units to collaborate with legal on documents and contracts
  • empowering the business to self-manage contracts and low risk legal work and matters
  • speeding up responsiveness
  • communicating and more clearly speaking ‘business language’
  • transparent reporting of legal output and costs

Technology is an obvious enabler to achieve many of these objectives. At BusyLamp, our legal operations software addresses most spend and efficiency concerns, but there are literally hundreds of software solutions that help legal departments achieve operational excellence and deliver value to the business. The challenge is in prioritising the objectives, finding the right solution, and ensuring it is implemented, used, and delivers the promised value.

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