How Client Sense can help Professional Services firms during COVID-19


In the first of our series of Client Sense videos, we chat with our COO Phil Lowe and Steve Tyndall, CEO of Client Sense, to gain insight into the relationship intelligence software platform and its importance to professional service firms in the current COVID-19 crisis.

Importance of client relationships during COVID-19

Without doubt people are worried in this crisis period.

Accounting or legal practices need to think about all of the key relationships it has ensuring that the right people are talking to the right people.

This is not just about existing clients. It’s about business partners, referral partners and suppliers too. It’s about having direct empathetic conversations as to how the crisis is impacting them and how you can help.

Having visibility of existing client information can provide you with real time relationship intelligence to improve the client experience.

Watch the video to discover more about this data-driven business development solution. Hear how Client Sense can help your firm’s client retention strategy in gaining the visibility you need to manage, protect and grow the key relationships that drive revenue.

Straightforward deployment

Client Sense was designed right from the outset to work silently in the background.

The deployment can be done in a couple of hours and all that’s needed is the appropriate authorisation to connect to Exchange or Microsoft 365.

Once this straightforward connection is made, your firm will have immediate access to communication frequency.

Client Sense video series

Watch out for our series of Client Sense videos where we will discuss its real-time, data-driven solution benefits including:

  • The role Client Sense plays in enhancing client and referral relationships
  • Transition management

Get in touch with us for a demo to discover more about Client Sense, our legal and accountancy relationship intelligence software.