Expertly managing a global law firm’s mobile security systems

21 February 2020

Our client

Trowers & Hamlins LLP is an international law firm with over 150 partners and more than 900 people located across the UK, Middle East and Asia. They work with governments and businesses around the world.

The Challenge

In terms of IT mobility, the firm’s workforce comprises two groups of users with very different requirements. Firstly, there are many lawyers who don’t need to travel because they deal with local clients. Then there’s another group of mobile ‘VIP’s who spend a lot of time travelling to a wide range of locations, including the Middle East.

Trowers wanted to provide VIP travellers with secure smartphones that were effectively configured to meet Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, and any other inspections they might need to commit to or audit. The project required a security-first approach in line with GDPR legislation. Plus, they wanted to work with experts who are leaders of the field in mobile security, rather than carrying out the work themselves.

“BlackBerry recommended Appurity as a partner because of their extensive experience with legal firms, and the fact that they have such a deep understanding of UEM and the device OS.”

Richard Elson, Director of Information Services, Trowers & Hamlins

The Solution

Appurity expertly managed the technology aspect of the smartphone refresh project with an end-to-end BlackBerry UEM and BlackBerry Dynamics security solution for device management on more than 600 Apple iPhones. This gives the firm full control over all their devices, including which apps employees can download.

Appurity delivered managed mobility services (MMS) with a Gold Build standard to include:

  • Access to all the right apps for Trowers’ employees to manage their workloads
  • Access to the company’s CRM application, Data Room system and Intranet, via BlackBerry Access browser
  • BlackBerry Work for email, contacts and calendar
  • The containerised BigHand app for digital dictation services
  • Token for secure user logins
  • Access to social media apps such as Instagram and Twitter for brand promotion purposes.

Providing valuable in-depth expertise, Appurity’s experts took the lead to produce a comprehensive app and mobile security review, including actions such as disabling Apple AirDrop and USB file transfers. This key part of the project included future recommendations, which helped the Trowers team to determine their risk appetite moving forward.

“Every aspect of our security configuration has been excellent and cost-effective, which is a major bonus. We’re 100% confident about Appurity’s expertise and their ability to get the job done.”

Richard Elson, Director of Information Services, Trowers & Hamlins

To assist with training, Appurity produced two well-received pieces of documentation. Firstly, a comprehensive user-friendly guide that is given to all staff when they receive a new phone. Secondly, a build guide for Trowers’ IT service desk, which staff reported as being “Excellent, because it simply works really well”.

Appurity also organised ‘train the trainers’ sessions with Trowers’ trainers, and this is where Appurity’s expertise and experience gained from working with a broad range of law firms really came into play.     

With Appurity’s Gold Build solution in place, it only takes around 15 minutes to build an iPhone, whereas it previously took Trowers’ IT team an hour to build a device on the older Android Enterprise OS platform.

“Appurity go above and beyond our expectations. For instance, we urgently needed a dozen devices for a conference and let them know at very short notice. The devices were hand delivered to us the very next day. Their can-do approach makes a huge difference.”

James Chandler, Senior Infrastructure Analyst at Trowers & Hamlins

The Future

Appurity is working with the Trowers team on additional security enhancements, while continually reviewing their operating systems to identify weaknesses in terms of attack vectors, and considering mobile security best practices.

Additional initiatives include ways to increase productivity and further improve the mobile user experience, and the provision of faster, more seamless access to resources.

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“Appurity are definitely one of our top-bracket vendors. We receive an excellent level of service with a great deal of added value. Their expertise and knowledge of mobile security is second to none. We highly recommend them to other law firms.”

Richard Elson, Director of Information Services, Trowers & Hamlins


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