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Build an innovative, learning organisation that’s primed for continual change

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June 5, 2019 CIO UK

For today’s CIO, business transformation isn’t as much a project as an ongoing process, where success isn’t a question of meeting goals at a fixed point, but of enabling a state of perpetual innovation that drives real business value. Enabling and maintaining this state isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a task that asks CIOs to bring all their technological and leadership abilities to bear.

It starts with realising this is less a question of technology than one of organisation. In the words of Adam Evans, Professional Services Leader, EMEA for Rackspace, it’s about ‘creating the ideas of a learning organisation.’ For Evans, this means embedding learning within IT and within the wider organisation, while creating ‘an organisation that desires to understand what’s out there and what’s happening.’ An organisation not afraid to make mistakes. It’s an idea picked up by CIO.com contributor Snehal Antani, who argues that transformation involves creating ‘a culture of continuous improvement’ which ‘empowers product managers to quickly identify and deliver new features, and to quickly pivot or iterate based on both the voice and behaviour of the customers.’

Continuous improvement also requires a different mindset, where the start/stop cadence of IT roadmaps gives way to something more iterative.

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