Crushing Customer WIP with Practice Gateway

What is Practice Gateway?

Practice Gateway provides a single portal for all client interactions in a secure way. It allows clients to:

  • Receive client information
  • Submissions / sign-off (Tax returns, accounts, KYC, Audits etc)
  • View the status of jobs / workflow
  • Pay their bills
  • Pay HMRC / other bodies

We then take the information collected and using intelligent automation input the data into the relevant system. In the case of personal tax, it can automatically present your customer with the previous year’s personal tax information which they can then update without your team needing to chase them for information, or input the data into your systems.

How does your product differ from other Practice Management solutions such as Accountancy Manager or Karbon?

Practice Gateway is a single location for every interaction with practice and customer, for example document sharing & collaboration, which many other practice management solutions don’t possess.

How can we be sure that Practice Gateway is secure?

Practice Gateway is built on the Microsoft Stack, so it is hosted in Microsoft data centres, meaning it’s a fully cloud delivered service. Each element of Practice Gateway is delivered via Microsoft Azure which provides inherent security.

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