In our latest video, we hear about the role our Client Sense software plays in enhancing client relationships for professional services firms such as legal and accounting firms.

At best, data in Practice Management and Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems is almost up to date but more commonly it’s out of date. Looking at any system, while you may have allocated names to your clients this doesn’t mean that the desired level of communication is happening, when you last had contact and when you last met.

The video delves into whether professional services firms are on top of their networks and how you can ensure you’re speaking with the right people to help improve client retention.

Managing client relationships with real-time data

People are moving firms more and it can be hard to monitor relationships and difficult to spot if your influence at your client’s firm is declining.

A tool such as Client Sense helps you be selective by leveraging accurate and real-time data so that you can have strategic conversations with the right people.

We know that for accounting and legal firms that time is scarce. Client Sense is all about recency and frequency – it monitors the quantity and provides the visibility you need to answer questions such as:

  • Do you truly understand the relationship with a key client?
  • Are you communicating at senior level?
  • Are you securing strategic work or transactional?
  • The role Client Sense plays in enhancing referral relationships
  • How Client Sense complements CRM

Watch the video to discover how the deployment of Client Sense can help add value to all your key relationships. Whether that’s clients, referrers, suppliers or partners, Client Sense works hard in the background to bring you data-driven insight and visibility of communication ensuring that a missed cross-sell is not the competition’s open door.

Client Sense video series

Watch out for our series of Client Sense videos where we will discuss its real-time data-driven benefits including: