Client Sense Complements CRM


In the second in our series of video interviews which place a spotlight on our Client Sense solution for professional services firms, we look at how Client Sense complements Client Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Perception of CRM

Historically, it’s been perceived that in order to discover insights into our clients’ and our own behaviours you had to start at the beginning with quality, accurate data. Very few professional services firms start with good data, especially when it comes to non-clients. Time is then taken to cleanse data and ongoing communication is reliant on recording the results of every contact interaction into the CRM.

How Client Sense complements CRM

What Client Sense offers is insight into current activities by starting at the end contact point by accessing real-time, data driven insights. This relationship intelligence tells you who is talking to whom and how frequently and recently.

The Client Sense technology will give you insight into how deep, how shallow, how wide or how narrow your contacts and relationships are in any given organisation. You’ll learn a lot about your own employee’s cadence for keeping in touch with key contacts outside your firm.

Watch our video where Rob Brown interviews Phil Lowe, Symphony COO, and Steve Tyndall, founder of Client Sense, to discover how Client Sense complements a CRM solution.

Client Sense video series

Watch out for our series of Client Sense videos where we will discuss its real-time data-driven benefits including:

  • The role Client Sense plays in enhancing client and referral relationships
  • Transition management