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Choosing the right software to achieve your legal operations goals

In today’s business world, universal goals such as transparency, efficiency gains and data analysis are achieved through the combination of skilled personnel and software. The discipline of legal operations is no exception to this and is proven by a glance at the world’s leading legal operations teams. There is not one among them who does not rely on tailor-made legal operations tools in their daily work.

In our Legal Operations Benchmarking Report, we found a high correlation between legal operations maturity and breadth of legal technology being used. Whether slicing the results to compare by country, industry, or company size, the result is the same; mature legal operations and legal technology usage are correlated. Using technology to assist in achieving goals means greater success, which leads to growing legal operations departments and more advanced capabilities and goals.


Legal Operations Business Priorities

In the BusyLamp Legal Operations Benchmarking Report, there were four priorities reported across the board:

  • Reducing external legal spend.
  • Automating and streamlining manual processes.
  • Improving legal work prioritisation.
  • Increasing the quality of legal advice.

Over-arching these is the additional priority to evaluate and introduce legal technology.

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