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Is DMS an Unsung Hero, Dull as Dishwater, or Essential for 21st Century Working?

You’re not alone if the mere mention of a Document Management System – or DMS – causes you to groan, …


The Value of Project Management and Understanding the Different Approaches

The Value of Project Management You would never see a large bridge constructed or a skyscraper built without project management. …


Go Paperless and Maximise Your Business and Digital Strategies

The traditional calculation of client fees based on the hours worked, is not only an outdated measure of work type …


Hold the Line: Telephony is Back on the Boardroom Agenda

In our world of lawtech, fintech, machine learning, AI, and smart drafting, talking about telephones seems so passé!  So why …


IT Functions ‘as a Service’: is it Time to Bite the Bullet?

One thing all firms agree upon, is that we will not fully go back to how things were in professional …


IT and Real Estate in the Legal Sector – Strategies for a Post-Pandemic World

After an enforced but largely successful transition to remote working in Spring 2020, few law firms are anticipating a return …


How to Make Your Law Firm Unattractive to Hackers

Dealing with a cyber-attack can be eye-wateringly expensive, not to mention stressful, time-consuming and damaging for your reputation.  Whilst cybercriminals …


What Should You Do When Your Supplier Merges or Is Acquired by Another Vendor?

It’s safe to say that mergers and acquisitions in the legal and professional services sector are not uncommon, we’ve written …


React, Rethink, Reimagine: How law firms have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic

Just as the world’s medical professionals’ fight against this pandemic is far from over, our firms’ responses to managing in …


Return to the Office – Working Practices

In our previous Return to the Office articles the Lights-On team has explored the considerations for a post-lockdown law firm, …


Return to the Office – Governance

In the previous Lights-On Consulting Return to the Office articles, we covered ‘People and Workplaces’, ‘IT Service’ and ‘Technology’ to …


Return to the Office – Technology

In the previous Return to the Office articles on ‘People and Workplaces’ and ‘IT Service’ we focused on some considerations …


Return to the Office – IT Service

In the previous Return to the Office article we focused on the people and workplace aspects of exit from lockdown. …


Return to the Office – Considerations for the Post-Lockdown Law Firm

People, workplaces, IT, technology, governance and working practices: Lights-On introduces its mini-series of ‘Return to the Office’ guides to help …


Return to the Office – Introduction

1. Introduction A law firm is its people. Even firms that heavily “productise” work rely on the skills, output and …


Practice Management Systems – Tips for Successful Implementation

You’ve had the beauty parade and been through the procurement process. Now it’s time to make sure your carefully selected …


The integration complication: how merging law firms can tackle the tech

With the legal sector experiencing a significant period of consolidation, the number of UK law firms either merging or acquiring …


The role of AI in law firms: an introduction

Lights-On Consulting’s Stephen Brown introduces us to the world of Artificial Intelligence, explaining what it is, its capabilities, potential benefits …


Understanding the Technology Landscape – Tips for Successful Enablement

Stephen Brown, IT consultant at Lights-On Consulting shares his thoughts on how firms can effectively evaluate new technology – and …


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Lights-On is an independent IT consultancy established in 2005 on the core principles of confidentiality, experience, independence, integrity, and deep knowledge.

We specialise in legal and professional services, working with clients that range from niche commercial practices through to global and magic circle clients. We are proud to say that we have been working with many of our clients for well over a decade.

Lights-On can help you to get the best out of the solutions you have or on new technologies that can future-proof your firm, drive efficiency and better position you to compete in your markets.

The majority of our IT consultants have held leadership positions in law firms and corporates as well as being experienced consultants – this combination of in-house management and independent consultancy allows us to provide insightful and supportive IT advisory services.

Whilst strategy is key to a successful IT project, there also needs to be a clear plan to communicate and implement the strategy. As such we look for both strategic and practical abilities in all our people and “strategic advice, practically delivered” has become a mantle for Lights-On and how we work.

From independent advice on a technology evaluation or procurement project, through to a strategic IT review or our ‘IT Director as a Service’ offering, our extensive experience across legal and professional services makes Lights-On the first choice for an ever growing number of firms.