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Transatlantic Tea Time: Episode 4: Daniel in Florence On Episode 4 of our iDS Transatlantic Tea Time, Jonathan Sachs chats with Daniel Rupprecht from surprise location Florence, …


ABA Cross-Border Institute – Dan Regard and Caroline Goulding


iDS UK EEA Dawn Raid

For most organisations, locating valuable information for compliance or regulatory purposes is virtually impossible in today’s digital age. At iDS …


iDS UK EEA Investigations

Investigations differ greatly from a litigation approach in how we apply technology to the data volume conundrum. It is more …


iDS UK EEA Furlough

Structured data is one avenue of electronically stored information (ESI) that can provide additional clues leading to insights related to …


iDS UK EEA Core Services

Working side-by-side with in-house and outside counsel,  IT departments, compliance departments, and legal teams, iDS boasts some of the industry’s …


Industry Insights: Managing Information Governance in a Work-from-Anywhere (WFA) Environment

The current ‘work from anywhere’ environment, despite its benefits, has put a strain on information governance. Yet a robust data …


ABA Cross-Border Institute Virtual Conference Episode 5

Join Dan Regard and Denise Backhouse as they discuss the ABA Cross-Border Institute 2021.


ABA Cross-Border Institute Virtual Conference Episode 4

Join Dan Regard and James Sherer as they discuss the ABA Cross-Border Institute 2021.


ABA Cross-Border Institute Virtual Conference Episode 3

Join Dan Regard and Cecil Lynn as they discuss the ABA Cross-Border Institute 2021.  


ABA Cross-Border Institute Virtual Conference Episode 2

Dan Regard talks with Warren Kruse with Consilio on the importance of attending the ABA Cross-Border Institute Virtual Conference, in …


Episode 2 of our iDS Transatlantic Tea Time

On Episode 2 of our iDS Transatlantic Tea Time, Jonathan Sachs visits with Daniel Rupprecht and Timothy Latulippe from our …


ABA Cross-Border Institute Virtual Conference Episode 1

Timothy Latulippe and Dan Regard discuss the benefits of attending and participating in the ABA Cross-Border Institute Virtual Conference, as …

Attorney-Client Privilege, European Commission, Cross Border Investigation, Privileged Communication

Privilege and the Pitfalls Associated with Cross Border Investigations

We are not in Kansas anymore… One need only to take a leisurely drive through the countryside of continental Europe …


iDS TALKS 1.3 with Laura Ford (DLA Piper)

Joining Tim LaTulippe on this episode of iDS TALKS is Laura Ford with DLA Piper discussing Structured Data Analysis in …


Transatlantic Tea Time: Episode 1: Checking in with Dan and Tim

Join us for our new iDS Talks Podcast Sub-series where we check in with our UK/EEA Directors for an update …


iDiscovery Solutions Launches Redesigned Brand Identity

iDiscovery Solutions announces the launch of their updated brand identity and website.


How Cloud-Based Solutions are Changing the Way We Approach Discovery and Disclosure Obligations

Cloud-Based Solutions to Discovery Obligations Discovery and data interrogation/disclosure can be a virtual minefield in Europe. In every circumstance, varying …


iDS Talks Podcast 1.1 with Raoul Parekh

Tim La Tulippe visits with Raoul Parekh, Partner with GQ | Littler to discuss Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) and …


The End is Near (For the U.K.’s Furlough Scheme)

What is it? You’ve probably heard of furlough before. It’s usually a short-term scheme in which an employee is paid …


Cross Border ESI: Considerations for Time Sensitive Data Handling

In today’s ever-changing world of technology and legal requirements, data handling considerations have become of critical importance. There are multiple …


Strategic eDiscovery – Predictive Coding

I often get asked what I mean when I speak about strategic eDiscovery. There is a common perception that eDiscovery …


You Say Tomato: American Tools with a European Application

If you are reading this, you are familiar with eDisclosure / eDiscovery to some degree (it would be surprising otherwise …


Structured Data Analysis: Proving a Negative in Cases of Fraud

2020 has seen the world thrown into turmoil as a deadly virus continues to spread across the globe. To help …


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We live in a digital world where emerging technologies are changing the way we process and utilise data. It can be a challenge for those seeking new and effective ways to leverage data, whilst at the same time struggling to avoid having data used against them. iDS provides consultative data solutions to corporations and law firms around the world, relating to both litigation and investigations.

With decades of experience, our subject matter experts and data strategists help you tap into data – giving you control of the narrative for the best possible outcomes.

Having this insight gives you the opportunity to make informed decisions that lead to transformative outcomes for both you and your client.

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