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The Data Analytics offering at Ecovis Wingrave Yeats is led by a team of data scientists, data analysts and business advisors based in London’s West End. We are a member of Ecovis International, a network of like-minded consulting practices, allowing us to offer our growing clients global support in more than 70 countries

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Phone: 0207 495 2244

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Contact: Reuben Barry
Phone: 0207 495 2244

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics – Delivering value to clients through data, insights and actions

Big data, machine learning, data analytics, data science, AI. Buzzwords no doubt you’ll have heard, which all boil down to …
Equipping decision makers

Equipping decision-makers to understand business performance at a glance

Case Study: Dashboard environment. Equipping decision-makers with the ability to understand business performance at a glance. Take corrective and strategic …
8pc potential increase in annual net profit

8% potential increase in net profit, through opportunities within client portfolio

Case Study: Client performance analysis. The firm were keen to understand the profitability of their clients and eradicate working practices …

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Predicting customer response

Predicting customer response

Case Study: Predicting customer response. A luxury fashion retailer optimised their marketing spend by using a machine learning model that …
Client Network Analysis

Client Network Analysis: Simplify the complex web of relationships that encompass your business.

Case Study: Client network analysis. Simplify the complex web of relationships that encompass your business. Visualise your network of clients, …


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