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Phone: 01252 364642

Docusoft works with financial services professionals to develop software and create an innovative solution; document management, cloud file storage, client data management, workflow processes, data protection, file sharing, and document delivery, and electronic signatures are among the issues we address. Together, we develop the best software solutions for accountants, insolvency practitioners, financial and business advisers, and other professional services businesses across the world.

Accountancy Software

Docusoft CloudFiler is designed with the best accountancy practices in mind. It is a cloud solution that includes a document management system, workflow, CRM and secure Portal. The solution allows accountancy practices to securely store and manage, share, delivering and electronically sign documents and business files. The system is accessed by using a standard web browser, desktop application or mobile app. These different user interfaces give users the flexibility to use the solution the way they find easiest. The structured filing system is easily customised for both individual and practice needs. With extensive features including comprehensive email management, powerful tools can be used to help manage and digitise paper documents and capture electronic file formats. Storing files is simple and subsequent search, retrieval and document sharing features are fast and help make the solution easy to use