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Empowering the Legal Sector with Cutting-Edge Cloud Solutions: Cloud Geeni IT Managed Service Specialists

As a trusted IT partner to the legal sector for over two decades, Cloud Geeni understand the specific challenges facing the legal industry today.

Whether your legal practice requires a private cloud with dedicated resources for ultimate security and performance, or a more scalable public cloud infrastructure, Cloud Geeni offer an agnostic approach. This includes providing support, reassurance and confidence where legal customers have moved from on-premise to the cloud, in the initial decision stages, through to successful and effective migration. We streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and unlock new possibilities for growth through tailor-made cloud solutions.

“Cloud Geeni solution has enabled us to drive positive change within our IT infrastructure, allowing fully agile working for our teams to ensure we can service our clients at all times.” – Martin Holmes Head of IT Harrison Drury Solicitors

Our in-house team of engineers are adept in designing and implementing custom solutions that align seamlessly with your firm’s needs, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional legal services without worrying about your IT infrastructure.

Cloud Geeni specialise in cyber security, employing state-of-the-art measures to fortify your cloud environment against potential threats. From robust encryption protocols to advanced firewalls and multi-factor authentication, we create an impenetrable shield around your data. We are increasingly hearing first hand that this is a key requirement and factor in the number of legal sector customers who select Cloud Geeni.

“ Security is infinitely improved with back-ups taken care of and IT hassles a thing of the past. I would definitely recommend Cloud Geeni to other legal practices.” – Practice Manager, Miles & Cash Solicitors.

We understand that no two legal practices are alike, we take the time to understand your specific requirements and aspirations whilst providing unrivalled end user support.

With a specific expertise in creating robust, reliable IT environments for regional clients with multiple offices, Cloud Geeni have created successful partnerships with legal clients across the UK. Cloud Geeni are more than just an IT partner – we are a catalyst for digital transformation across your legal firm.