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Contact: Jack Robinson
Phone: +44 203 727 2222

Smarter Resourcing. Optimised Projects. End-To-End Pipeline Visibility. Welcome to your firm’s digital transformation.

Board is the #1 decision-making platform that meets the needs of law firms by integrating reporting and analysis and unifying them with planning, forecasting and simulation – all within a single platform.

Board has helped some of the world’s largest Professional Services organisations face the challenges of today by utilising digital analytics to avoid over-capacity, under-pricing, excessive overheads and improve their decision-making.

Seamlessly integrating financial planning and resource optimisation solutions, Board offers the opportunity to build cost-focused pyramid staff models and create more comprehensive actionable insights that fine-tune organisational decisions about HR planning and HR supply & demand forecasting. This type of services resource planning software is fundamental in an industry where billing rates, projects, available skills, and teams interact to determine how the corporate goals can be met.