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Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites – A Light Touch is as Good as a Wink to a Case Management System – Part 1

We are often asked about light touch case management or matter management as if there are clear definitions about what …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites: Considerations for a Laptop Deployment Project

With lockdown restrictions lifted firms are adopting new practices in relation to working locations, with a blend of home and …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites: We Need to Join Together!

So sang Roger Daltrey on The Who’s 1972 ‘Join Together’, and it is this refrain that I think of when …


Bite-Sized Views From 3Kites: Do You Want the Leather Upholstery? Why Saving on Project Resources Can Be a False Economy

Imagine spending hundreds of thousands on a Rolls Royce only to kit it out with plastic seats or an underpowered …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites: Why Can’t I Recreate My Best Leftovers Meals? The Benefits of Contract Lifecycle Management

Many in-house legal teams will have to manage a broad array of contracts covering areas as diverse as employment of …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – The Archipelago of Documents

During my time of working for large law firms, document storage was pretty straightforward and, I felt, necessarily dictatorial – …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Why do Requirements Gathering?

Let us suppose that your organisation is contemplating implementing a new business application; perhaps a new finance system, CRM, document …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Requirements Gathering and the Faster Horse

A few recent conversations have reminded me that the concept of requirements gathering can often be misunderstood, and indeed that …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Implementing Legal Technology – Time for a New Mindset?

Would legal teams be better served by leaning on sources of expertise around them rather than taking a DIY approach …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – The Power of the Sequel – Why Phase 2 Helps Your Implementation

When working on large projects such as replacing a PMS/accounting system, Phase 2 can be seen as the graveyard of …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Everyone is Talking about Collaboration – But What do They Really Mean?

… and in particular, what does collaboration mean in the context of law firms? The dictionary definition of collaboration is …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Programme Manager – an Unnecessary Role or a Good Investment?

Where an organisation has a number of projects running concurrently, the role of Programme Manager is often considered. This is …


Bite-sized Views from 3Kites – How Do Smaller Law Firms Choose the Right IT Solutions ?

If you are a sub-200 seat law firm looking for a practice management system, a secure document repository, a case …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Is an IT Managed Service the Right Solution for You?

With more applications moving to the cloud and remote working set to become the norm for many, the IT team’s …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – So, what has Teams ever done for you?

Aside from the video conferencing, document storage, wikis, task management, group chats… just what has Teams ever done for you? …


Bite-sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Some Key Challenges for Buying Legal Tech in 2021 (And How to Overcome Them!)

Current Challenges: Supply-side dynamics in the current market reinforce buyer uncertainty: Anyone involved in purchasing technology will be familiar with …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Recent Developments in the In-House Legal Tech Market

a. The “Buy Side”: The impact of the pandemic caused legal teams to re-examine their technology tools as 2020 unfolded. …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites: Is the ISO Standard for Knowledge Management Useful?

The International Standards Organisation published its standard for Knowledge Management Systems in November 2018 after a period of consultation. Although …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Hands Face Space: Reinforcing Cyber Security Awareness

Hands Face Space: Reinforcing cybersecurity awareness. The majority of us are working from home at the moment. As a consequence, …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – The Training Side – How do we Learn Now?

These past months have taught us that you can’t simply take the training session you used to deliver in a …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Replacing File Shares with Teams/SharePoint

For many, SharePoint was the best thing since sliced bread for so long that it became stale, so often an …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Staying on Top of the Tech

Staying on top of the tech – challenges for small and medium-sized organisations If the last few months have proved …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – The physical side (‘Did you have a good day at the office?)

The physical side (‘Did you have a good day at the office?) With a second spike of Covid on the …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Considerations when Planning to Implement On-Premise before Transitioning to the Cloud

Considerations when planning to implement on-premise before transitioning to the cloud Whilst most firms are evaluating cloud options with new …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – The KM side

The KM side – knowledge proves its worth Knowledge Management has come into its own in these difficult times. There …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – The Human Side

The human side  Not spending time commuting is good, but how do we separate work and the rest of life? …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Three Business Issues for Accountancies to Consider as They Come Out of Lockdown

Three business issues for accountancies to consider as they come out of lockdown Document management Many accounting practices still hold …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Three Bites for In-House Teams, by Former easyJet GC Giles Pemberton

Three bites for in-house teams, by former easyJet GC Giles Pemberton Use what you’ve got Undertake a review of all …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – Change Has Only Just Started

Change has only just started The emergency work from the sudden lockdown was to make do and mend with strategies …


Bite-Sized Views from 3Kites Consulting – The Project Side

The project side  Although many firms have paused expenditure whilst there is so much uncertainty, no business can afford to …


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Established in 2006, 3Kites is a consultancy that provides legal firms, in-house legal teams and the professional services sector with fresh thinking based on its unique combination of legal and IT skills and experience, including experience as:

  1. Law firm Partner, Knowledge & Innovation Director and Managing Partner,
  2. General Counsel,
  3. Software solution Product Director and Development Director,
  4. Law firm IT Director, and interim IT Director,
  5. Senior Knowledge Manager and Professional Support Lawyer,
  6. Head of supplier consulting teams and of a law firm internal consulting team,
  7. Project manager, delivering large projects in law firms and elsewhere, and
  8. Law firm secretary.

This experience gives us the credibility to deal with management, Partners and other lawyers, technologists and support staff and to understand their needs and perspectives so that these can be fully taken into account.  We avoid jargon and pride ourselves in focusing on practicalities and business benefit.

We have an extensive network of contacts and suppliers, but we remain independent of them so that our clients have access to complete and unbiased views.

Our capabilities span strategic planning and implementation, including business analysis and project management as well as change management, without which many initiatives will fail.

We strive to build long term working relationships with our clients, based on results and trust.