Using Tech to deliver better client service & control business expenses.


A recent survey taken at our Alternative Accountancy Management Summit 2024, sponsored by Caxton, collated attendees’ views on their tech plans for 2024, and how they process payments for clients.

Top 3 takeaways from the survey:

  1. Many accountancy firms plan to integrate new tech solutions, such as alternative payment systems, in 2024.
  2. An API-based solution can enable accountancies to create payment solutions that fit into existing client service.
  3. Opportunities exist in the payments space, for firms to control spend and increase revenue through new services to clients

See the full report below to find out the full survey results and report:Insights Featured Images (3)

Caxton is an innovative fintech favoured by both large and small accountancy firms for their ‘Software-as-a-Financial-Service’ (SaaFS)–the company offers an alternative to banks when it comes to moving money and making payments on behalf of clients. For more information Visit Caxton