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A-One moves to iplicit

A-One Insurance Group discusses the benefits of moving to iplicit

Watch our video case study – The A-One Insurance team discusses the problems they faced prior to implementing iplicit, and the benefits experienced since going live with the new finance system.

“From the moment we decided to action and proceed to getting people set up, trained, it literally took 15 days!”


Sarah Smith – Group Operations Director 
Danielle Morris – Accounts Manager
Sam Perkins – Assistant Management Accountant

Tell us a little about A-One Insurance Group…

A-One Insurance Group has been running for well over 25 years. There are nine companies within the group and we have well over 150 staff throughout the South coast. We worked with sage 50. I have to say, the pain we went through was horrendous information wasn’t being consolidated. There were replication conflicts. We were literally driving the business blind. And then when COVID hit, and we were going hybrid, nothing worked. 

So, you realised you couldn’t carry on the way you were working; what happened next?

We did a little bit of market research – Xero was too basic for what we needed and the bigger players in the market, NetSuite, Intacct and Dynamics just seemed too complex and too expensive. We were kind of stuck, then literally we just had a recommendation – someone said, “why don’t you try iplicit?”

iplicit was unlike anything we’d seen before and the staff attentively listened to our needs. And the icing on the cake for us was the fact that from the moment we decided to action and proceed to getting people set up, trained, it literally took 15 days!


iplicit is a high-growth, disruptive cloud-based accounting software designed to bridge the gap for multi-entity and rapidly expanding businesses that have surpassed the capabilities of entry-level systems. With unlimited dimensions, enhanced reporting capabilities, and greater flexibility, iplicit helps organisations that struggle with outdated, legacy, on-premise systems to upgrade to next-generation finance software without sacrificing functionality. The platform seamlessly integrates with other cloud-based applications and offers a migration path from your existing system. Users can enjoy real-time consolidated reporting, task automation, speedy implementation, and a public API to break down data silos. The software was developed by founder Ian Andrews after decades of experience installing high-end ERP systems. He was joined by Rob Steele and Eduardo Loigorri, founders of finance software business Exchequer which installed thousands of UK-based systems during the 1990s and 2000s. iplicit has achieved triple-digit percentage growth each year since its launch in 2019 and now employs around 80 people. User numbers have grown to more than 10,000 in 72 countries and are expected to reach 65,000 in 2025. There are more than 1,000 businesses and non-profit organisations using the software and the figure is expected to reach 5,930 in 2025.