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6 ways to make clients feel loved this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love in all its guises –whether with friends, your significant other, or, believe it or not, your clients.

With love in the air, it’s timely to put client relationships in the spotlight and consider whether they really feel special and valued. Are they getting the client care they deserve? And will they keep using your firm or practice?

Louise Walpole is the head of the finance sector at Moneypenny, a business focused on providing the highest levels of client care with telephone answering and live chat services to hundreds of accountancy firms and practices in the UK, including 42 of the Top 100. With a team of finance-focused receptionists handling thousands of calls each year, Moneypenny knows how to give clients exactly what they want.

Louise said: “Client relationships are at the heart of professional services, so accountancy businesses need to consider the client journey in its entirety, including every touchpoint they encounter. How calls are answered tells prospects and clients a lot about a business, such as whether they’re accessible, friendly and professional. When callers’ needs are prioritised, it puts relationships on a positive footing. When they’re not, it can cost valuable business.

“To improve the client experience, accountancy businesses need to put themselves in their clients’ shoes and view their firm or practice through their eyes. Over the last five years, we’ve seen an increase in firms and practices doing just that by using outsourced telephone answering to improve the client experience and free up in-house resources to focus on other aspects of service delivery and client care.

“Client-centric accountants show clients they matter by ensuring every interaction is treated with the highest levels of care, professionalism, and efficiency.”

For accountancy firms and practices focused on improving client care, here are Moneypenny’s top six call handling tips to make clients feel loved this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

1. Ditch Voicemail

It’s a universal truth; clients hate voicemail. Our research shows that 54%[1] of callers who reach voicemail hang up, which could mean a missed opportunity to solve a client’s issue or secure more business. Plus, your team hates voicemail, too – only 33%[2] of people listen to voicemails from known contacts, which means clients may not be getting called back at all! Avoid making clients feel unimportant by ensuring a friendly and professional person is always at the other end of the phone.

2. Answer calls promptly

Phones that ring out are a turn-off. 35% of people hate calls not being answered, and 34% are put off by annoying hold music[3]. When you consider that almost 2 in 5[4] (38%) people say they would go elsewhere following a poor call, it’s clear just how vital prompt call handling is to happy client relationships. Outsourced support can take the burden from busy in-house teams, ensuring that every call is answered. Show your clients that you know their time is valuable, too.

3. Show empathy

The most healthy client relationships are based on understanding. Make sure client care is empathetic and that those on the front line answering calls and live chats have sensitivity, patience and knowledge in abundance. This is especially important for accountancy firms and practices, as it can put clients at ease, provide greater insights into their needs, and shape future service delivery. Well-trained call handlers with solid customer care skills will make all the difference.

4.Be available when they are

Excellent communication skills underpin all successful relationships. Today’s accountancy clients want accessibility on their terms and are increasingly contacting businesses outside traditional office hours. Firms and practices must be available when clients want them, whether 8 pm or 7 am. An outsourced telephone answering service is an affordable way to extend opening hours and provide a 24-hour service, allowing clients to speak to a person to leave a detailed message even if accountants aren’t available there and then.

5. Ensure VIP treatment

Your clients are your business. Outsourcing telephone answering to a partner with a specialist team of finance-focused receptionists makes it easy to offer a VIP experience. When a call comes through to Moneypenny, a receptionist answers exactly as if based in your business and just as knowledgeable as any in-house team member. We know if the person ringing has called before as our technology shows their name, so there’s no need to ask again who they’re calling for or why. Seamless call handling shows clients they are valued.

6. Make a positive impression every time

First impressions matter, but it’s each one after that that helps to nurture, grow and maintain client relationships. Keep clients feeling valued and supported by ensuring consistency in all aspects of client care – from how calls and live chats are answered to the efficiency of your website and how successfully your team delivers their services. Consistent client care can be guaranteed by calling on the expertise and support of a knowledgeable outsourced partner.

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