Infographic: Why the modern general counsel is now a critical strategic advisor

To remain relevant, today’s modern general counsel (GC) must embrace innovation to drive optimal business outcomes. See the statistics on the challenges facing modern GCs in context and how technology is shaping modern law practice—driving business outcomes, increasing legal department relevancy, and optimizing operations by maximizing ROI and minimizing risk.

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OpenText Legal Tech provides the information advantage to enterprise legal departments and law firms, delivering speed to facts, optimized legal operations, managed legal risk, and improved outcomes with industry-leading AI complemented by trusted expertise and superior services. OpenText eDiscovery platforms (Axcelerate and Insight) deliver best-in-class investigative capabilities in a fully integrated, intuitive review interface that help legal teams get to the facts that matter sooner and inform their case strategy. Built-in data visualization, conceptual and textual analytics and technology-assisted review capabilities provide legal teams with early and important insight to quickly understand and intelligently organize the data to improve review efficiency and cost savings by minimizing the overall volume of documents warranting legal review.