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Data Security for Your Legal Firm: Why partnering with an MSP that knows the sector is key to success.

A recent study found that almost three-quarters of the UK’s top one hundred law firms have been victims of different cyberattacks. Smaller firms that lack dedicated cybersecurity measures or IT Managed Service Provider support are at higher risk of falling victim to dangerous attacks such as ransomware, malware and denial of service.

In addition, clients trust their chosen legal firm with highly confidential data, making legal firms prime targets for multiple cybercrimes. Failing to secure client data introduces attack risks to cloud-based law firms and may result in unwanted consequences for the clients.

Cyber criminals consider law firms to be particularly attractive targets.

Many law firms use the cloud to house and manage valuable data, including intellectual property, merger and acquisition information, privileged attorney-client data, and trade secrets. Hackers may thus channel their efforts to breach the cloud infrastructure to access and steal this information.

Most clients today expect the convenience of online appointment scheduling, the choice to upload files to cloud storage as an alternative to in-person visits, the capability for digital signatures, and secure online payment options.

As a result, many legal firms depend on MSPs to establish the requisite cloud-based software solutions to fulfil evolving customer expectations without compromising on regulatory compliance.

Your firm’s MSP should be providing proactive support and bolstered security measures. For example, comprehensive, multi-tiered data security protocols alongside reliable data encryption techniques. Your IT MSP should also have the expertise to recognise the specific threats confronting legal firms and should propose effective preventative measures.

In addition, stringent data security standards such as GDPR, require lawyers to prioritise safeguarding sensitive data and documents whilst maintaining regulatory compliance. An MSP that understands the legal sector can suggest secure storage and backup resolutions to fulfil these vital requirements.

More importantly, MSPs hold the expertise to assist law firms in achieving increased mobility without jeopardising safety. Therefore, managed cloud services help institute systems that allow your team to work securely from diverse locations while upholding the highest data security requirements.

The availability of a dedicated support team proves invaluable.

Collaborating with an IT Managed Service Provider familiar with the sector, offers insights and counsel on emerging cloud security threats, enabling law firms to get the best out of their technology landscape.

What security measures should your legal firm look for when considering an IT MSP?

Thorough security assessments

Regular security assessments constitute a vital facet of MSP collaborations.

An exhaustive security assessment to evaluate your current IT infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and improvement prospects aligned with the firm’s operational goals.

Credible MSPs execute recurring security inspections to ensure the uninterrupted functionality of your firm’s IT landscape.

These assessments furnish an all-encompassing appraisal of your digital holdings and detect probable security weaknesses.

Your MSP should rectify any vulnerabilities proactively whilst providing open communication your firm’s internal IT department.

Round-the-clock monitoring and support

Cybercriminals operate ceaselessly.

They perpetually seek openings to exploit targeting any internet-connected device, be it an on-premise servers or cloud-hosted apps. This underscores the necessity of continuous remote monitoring and management of the deployed IT infrastructure.

An MSP that knows the sector will excel in delivering continuous remote monitoring and management services to detect and mitigate security issues in real-time.

Many MSPs maintain a specialised workforce that operates 24/7 to shield their clients’ data and infrastructure from prospective data security risks.

Industry-specific guidance on data security

Remember that data security is an ongoing process.

Cyber threats are always evolving, so it’s crucial your chosen MSP stays up to date on the latest security trends within the legal sector and adapt their practices accordingly.

It is good practice to meet regularly with your MSP and review your data security measures to protect sensitive client information and maintain the trust of your clients.

An experienced MSP will have the capacity to send vulnerability reports, including the actions taken towards prevention.

Your IT Managed Services partner should regularly back up all critical data, and store backups in secure, off-site locations.

All MSP’s should develop a disaster recovery plan to ensure your firm’s continuity in case of data breaches or other disasters.

Data breaches must be reported promptly. It is crucial for your firm and its MSP to have a well-defined data breach response plan that outlines the specific steps each party should take in the event of a data breach.

This plan should comply with applicable data protection laws and should address issues such as breach detection, containment, reporting to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) or other relevant authorities, and notification of affected individuals if required.

While your IT Managed Service Provider can be a valuable partner in managing IT security and assisting with data breach response, the legal responsibility for reporting data breaches in the UK typically rests with the business owner.

In such cases, the contractual relationship between the organisation and the MSP should clearly define the roles and responsibilities related to data breach reporting.

In conclusion the implementation of any new technology should be approached with caution and due diligence. Your prospective MSP should be able to demonstrate relevant industry accreditations, service level agreements and a clear roadmap for migration.

Cloud Geeni have been a trusted IT Managed Services Partner to the Legal sector for over two decades, migrating, protecting, and supporting IT environments specifically designed for legal practice.

Our clients have experienced growth through technology, removing costly on-premise server infrastructure and migrating legacy case management systems.

We offer unrivalled end-user support alongside UK based data centres equipped with the highest protection standards.

At Cloud Geeni we are not just the faceless IT infrastructure provider, but a trusted partner dedicated to solving problems and providing a first-class end user experience for your legal firm.

Cloud Geeni

Cloud Geeni
Cloud Geeni are an industry leading IT Managed Service Provider specialising in private and public cloud infrastructure for the legal sector. With over two decades of experience as a trusted IT partner to Legal firms UK wide, our in-house team of engineers are adept in designing and implementing custom solutions that align seamlessly with your firm's needs, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional legal services without worrying about your IT infrastructure. Cloud Geeni specialise in cyber security, employing state-of-the-art measures to fortify your cloud environment against potential threats. From robust encryption protocols to advanced firewalls and multi-factor authentication, we create an impenetrable shield around your data. We understand that no two legal practices are alike, we take the time to understand your specific requirements and aspirations whilst providing unrivalled end user support. Learn more about Cloud Geeni :