Kim Launches ‘Intelligent Automation’ Solution

Kim Launches ‘Intelligent Automation’ Solution

Kim’s enhanced no-code automation tools facilitate integration and straight-through processing, reducing ‘time to market’ from weeks or months to hours.

Atlanta, April 4, 2023: Kim (, the no-code, SaaS, patent-protected document generation, assembly, and workflow automation platform, has today released enhanced inbound/outbound integration modules that allow integration automation and straight-through processing.

In a few hours, organizations can create an application in Kim and automate and generate documents, use the data captured to generate other documents and/or use the data to populate one or more existing systems. Kim’s APIs will also be able to be used to get data from existing systems to populate applications in Kim.

Customers can already create automated standard operating procedures (SOPs) as web applications from their existing documents with no training. Customers can now use the data captured to deliver straight-through processing without a line of code.

More information can be found at Kim Intelligent Automation.

An HR Straight-Through Processing Use Case – Onboarding Checklist

Upload your existing new joiner ‘Onboarding checklist’ into Kim and create the web application (no training required).

When HR completes the checklist, data in the form needs to go to Workday to create the employee HR record, to SAP to create the payroll record and to Jira for the IT equipment request. Simply select the ‘Outbound Integration’ option in Kim and create the integrations for Workday, SAP and Jira (these integrations can be for any systems that are REST enabled).

Now, whenever an onboarding checklist is submitted, HR receives the completed form, and the data seamlessly creates or updates records in these target systems.

If appropriate, even the onboarding checklist itself can be populated from another system. For example, data from SuccessFactors in the recruitment process can automatically complete the ‘Onboarding Checklist’ and push the data to Workday, SAP and Jira.

Watch our Kim Intelligent Automation video here.

Richard Yawn, Kim Founder and CTO said “Kim was built REST API first, allowing us to ‘play nicely’ with existing customer technology stacks. We’ve now extended Kim’s no-code model to our integration capability. This capability provides event-driven outbound integration directly from Kim and inbound integration calling Kim’s API.”

The release of Kim Intelligent Automation follows the announcement that Kim was recently backed by Atlanta based Engage VC, being selected for Engage’s Cohort 11. This process began with over 1,600 companies with eight being selected.

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Kim is a no-code, SaaS, patent-protected document generation, assembly and workflow automation tool. Kim’s Enterprise solution is proven with Fortune 500 organizations in legal, compliance, contract management, company secretarial, office productivity and other functions.

Kim’s Business tier allows any function or role in small, medium or large organizations to take their existing Word documents and automate them plus turn them into web applications that can be shared internally and/or externally.  It automates letters, forms, records, checklists and contracts in minutes, with no training, integrates seamlessly with MS Teams, and is accessible from any browser.

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