Kim Technologies Case study: HVG Law

HVG Law innovated its compliance practice using document automation. Read this case study and discover how they went about it.

About HVG Law?

HVG Law is part of the global EY Law network. Based in the Netherlands, they are considered a leader in the market due to their entrepreneurial, innovative, and solution-oriented approach.

Technological Innovation

Automation can improve workflows, efficiency, and the client experience by helping lawyers streamline campaigns, enhance data capture, and improve workflow processes. In this case study, we look at how HVG Law innovated its compliance practice using Kim’s document automation, generation, and data-capture software.

Compliance team objectives

The compliance team had a few primary objectives when looking for a solution to help. First, they wanted to simplify how clients completed the compliance forms they sent out on a regular cadence. Second, they were looking at using a tool that allowed one-to-many collaboration, i.e., build it once but be able to send it to many. Third, there was a need to collate all the responses in a central location along with a way to track and send reminders to those who still needed to respond. And once they had collected all the information, the ability to analyze and export the data was a must.

All in all, they wanted to make the whole process more efficient.

Read the full case study here.


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