Start With Spend: 7 Reasons to Make Spend Management Your Top Legal Tech Priority

More corporate legal leaders are arriving at an inevitable conclusion. With budget and headcount trending in the opposite direction of steadily increasing workloads, innovation is the only way to balance the equation within their departments.

But where should they focus first when planning a legal tech transformation? And how can they set this critical initiative up for success?

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What makes legal spend management the ideal starting point
  • How to secure buy-in from stakeholders across the business
  • Which steps to follow for fast ROI & sustainable success

From building credibility to avoiding burnout, see seven convincing reasons that make the case for spend management.

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Brightflag is the platform and trusted guide in-house legal teams rely on to manage matters, spend and outside counsel.Brightflag includes spend and matter management capabilities that help legal departments gain visibility into operations, maximize productivity and engage with outside counsel strategically. Brightflag combines modern, easy-to-use software with best-in-class customer service and a relentless focus on continuous improvement.