How to create a Legal Brief in less than two minutes?


“It’s a good thing justice is blind because a lot of legal labour is done in briefs.” – one of our clients commented to us. Same as him, many of our other law practitioners have explained that briefing is one of the most critical skill solicitors needs to learn to effectively represent their clients.

But don’t let the word “brief” deceive you. Legal briefs are frequently long and complex, and they require a long time to prepare. Legal professionals can spend hours putting their brief together, formatting it, numbering it, and developing an index. Furthermore, if any last-minute adjustments are needed after the brief has been finished, these activities may need to be repeated, wasting even more time.

New technology can now help speed the process so that a brief can be arranged digitally and in a matter of minutes, so you work faster and smarter.

In this article, we will go over Thread Legal Case Management’s Booklet Generator built-in feature, and how can it help you build a Legal Brief in record time, so you can dedicate focus to other important things as well as taking more cases.

Legal Brief and Booklet Generator

What is the legal brief generator and what are the key features?

The Legal Brief Generator is one of the multiple powerful tools built in the Thread Legal Case Management software and it’s great for every legal professional who needs to generate legal briefs for their clients, or for anyone who needs to manage a large number of case files.

This functionality lets you quickly and easily merge several distinct types of files into a single PDF document. Each booklet is automatically organised, formatted, and paginated and an index is created.

Threads’ brief generator key features are:

  • Automatic Indexing
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Easy way to add case information and files to your booklet. You can include all your client details, contacts, case files, bills, and other key information with just a few clicks.
  • Personalised sections, no restrictions on the number of pages or sections.
  • Easy edits, If any modifications are required after your brief is completed, our software will promptly generate a new brief — at no additional cost.
  • Document share, so team members can edit update the booklets
  • Third-party invite, send third parties security protected brief
  • Global Access, access your brief from anywhere in the world at any time.

As this feature is inbuilt, you can start building your brief from when you open the file, there is no need to upload or transfer documents to another system, no need to purchase a third-party product.

How to create a booklet with the legal case brief generator software?

Thread Legal’s Booklet generator tool allows you to categorise your documents into brief formats as you work on them.

Then, when you are ready, all you need to do is click “Add Booklet”. You will then see all your case documents in one place, where you can edit and re-order if you wish.

One click more, and your booklet will generate for you with a cover page, index, pagination and your branding. No administration work is required.

Need to make a change? Edit and re-order, then one click to regenerate. The legal brief generator makes booklet creation simple, fast, and easy.

All done in less than two minutes! By taking advantage of legal case management technology, such as Thread Case Management Software, you can significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to develop a hard-hitting brief.

Tips for creating a winning and visually appealing booklet

Briefs are one of the most critical aspects of winning a case. This sets the tone for your case and establishes your winning strategy from the beginning. Further, it is one of the few times the judges will focus solely on your argument during the review process – so make it count!

The following elements should be included in your brief’s fundamental structure:

  • An introduction, or case statement, which clearly states the question and problem, as well as the case’s procedural history. Introduce a topic that connects all of the concerns and encapsulates the storey you’ll be telling. Attract the judge’s attention with a strong first line that encourages him or her to continue reading.
  • A table of authorities (TOA) segment that lists all of the legal sources you used to finish the brief. A TOA will be used by many judges to fact-cheque your work. Ensure it’s free of errors and complete. The Thread’s booklet generator allows you to construct a TOA in a matter of minutes.
  • A factual statement that highlights the main elements that a court should consider while making a ruling. Make sure you’re being clear and using simple, yet appealing language. Make use of subheads. Identify the facts and the procedural features of the case that are listed in the record.
  • A section with point headers for the argument. In a single statement, these titles explain an argument. After that, provide details about the debate. Pay close attention to these headlines to ensure that they are powerful, precise, and convincing.
  • A conclusion statement that briefly restates the main issues and asks for specific relief. Making a summary of your case would be a useful thing to do to prepare this part.

Legal Brief Layout and Design

Finally, don’t forget about the overall layout and design. Follow these tips for creating an eye-catching booklet:

  • Use a consistent font throughout the document. This will make it easier to read.
  • Add headings and subheadings to break up the text and separate each section.
  • Include images, charts, and graphs to break up big chunks of paragraphs and to add visual interest.
  • Stick to one or two colours for the text. Too many colours can be distracting.
  • Choose a simple header and footer and include your firm’s logo and branding.

Once you’re satisfied proofread it thoroughly and always double-cheque and ensure you’re in compliance with court guidelines when it comes to design and formatting.

Rely on Thead’s Brief / Booklet generator to help you build a winning brief in record time.

If writing a brief feels time-consuming and even overwhelming, know that rely on us. If you would like to learn more about Thread Legal case management software with the integrated Brief Generator tool or see a live demo of how it works, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get started.

New attorneys now have Thread Legal case management software, which offers the right suite of tools that you can use to make sure that your briefs are laser-sharp.

Request a demo today to see how Thread Legal case management software can help you win your next case.

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