Supporting Your ESG Goals with Outsourced Communications

ESG strategies have risen to the top of the agenda for organisations across the world and the conversation around sustainability has never been louder.   Consequently, legal firms need to be mindful of who their suppliers and partners are and if they share a sustainable mindset.

Here, Bernadette Bennett, Head of the Legal Sector at Moneypenny, which has just published a report with WORKTECH Academy to identify organisations’ sustainability personas, shares the four ways outsourcing call handling and live chat can support a legal firm’s ESG goals:

1. Streamline headcount and square footage

The services provided by Moneypenny allow companies to streamline their external communications, meaning they need fewer people to handle calls and chats and therefore require less office real estate. Cost savings in real estate energy outputs, employee travel and call handling time can all be reinvested in wider sustainability projects.

2. Scaleable

Moneypenny uses specialised technology systems and expert call handlers that can accommodate a business’s growth in communications, without expanding existing real estate or on-site facilities. Moneypenny receptionists can handle more calls at scale than call handlers inside a law firm, therefore they require less full-time staff and can meet the demands of their clients in an agile and flexible way.

3. Enabling hybrid

Moneypenny’s ability to direct calls and enquiries to employees wherever they are working means that legal firms are able to embrace hybrid working with ease and in turn, help their employees to make greener choices. The more employees work from home, the lower a legal firm’s associated carbon footprint  – whether that’s from no longer needing to heat a whole office or reducing employees’ associated travel miles.

4. Sharing credentials

With research suggesting that 4 out of 5[1] people are likely to choose businesses with a positive approach to environmental sustainability – it’s important that those delivering customer care are well versed in a firm’s ESG activities.  Moneypenny’s legal receptionists not only understand the legal marketplace but embody and represent legal firms’ brands, which means they’re well placed to communicate sustainability practices and answer questions from potential clients with aplomb.

Bernadette Bennett, Head of the Legal Sector at Moneypenny said: “We talk often about how outsourcing call handling and live chat can support business agility and deliver cost savings, but it’s important to remember that there are wider sustainability benefits too.

“Like many of our legal clients, we know that improving sustainability is both a goal, a process and a mindset. Therefore it is crucial that firms choose partners that share their commitment to sustainability, particularly when it comes to communication with customers.”

Moneypenny handles more than 2 million legal calls and live chats each year for more than 1,000 legal firms in the UK, including 60 of the Top 200, thanks to its dedicated team of 60 legal PAs.

To download the Moneypenny and WORKTECH Academy report ‘From Place to People’, which identifies the four green typologies of the post-covid workplace and discusses the changing parameters of ESG responsibility, click here.

Bernadette Bennett

Bernadette is Head of Sector - Legal at Moneypenny. Moneypenny has more than 1,000 staff and handles more than 20 million customer communications a year, for 21,000 companies, ranging from multi-nationals to start-ups. It has grown rapidly in the last four years, from £19 million revenue p/a to a projected £50 million this year. It is known for its award winning culture, its excellent customer service and low staff turnover.