Customer Care Mistakes That Could Cost You Business

According to a recent report[1] from customer experience (CX) specialists Insight 6, the property sector scored better on customer experience than the financial, accountancy and legal sectors – but despite being the best of the bunch, there is still room for improvement.

Here, Joanne Tattum, head of estate agency sector at leading outsourced communication provider Moneypenny, highlights the top three issues that could be costing property agents business:

1. No sale no interest

The Insight 6 report found that although property calls were answered promptly and with smile, when Insight 6 researchers merely enquired about services over the phone (rather than doing business there and then), 98% of firms noticeably lost interest. And, to compound the issue, no one was thanked for their call or enquiry.

TIP: Not all sales are immediate. Investing in the ‘long game’ will nurture relationships so that enquiries today, have the potential to become business tomorrow. A disinterested call handler costs reputation and revenue.

2. Ignoring the value of webchat

Only 21% of property firms are currently using webchat – even though it’s a prime way for potential buyers, sellers and renters to reach out and make an enquiry. Surprisingly, even though the firms contacted were quick with their webchat responses and adopted a helpful tone, none of them followed up with them either via the phone or email within five days.

TIP: Make sure a webchat is just the first step on a positive client journey and use follow up calls to establish a first person relationship. Webchat provides an invaluable way to capture enquiries 247, but they will only become meaningful leads if you give them appropriate follow up.If managing webchat in-house is time-onerous and conversations aren’t recorded centrally – consider an outsourced service. Our live chat can capture leads 247 and upload them straight into your CRM.

3. Failure to respond

Lead management and follow-up is the mainstay of a property firm’s business. While the report revealed that 38% of online enquiries via company websites were responded to within two hours and 21% were responded to the next day – almost a third (32%) didn’t get any response at all. As demand outstrips supply in the current market, quicker responses to all leads could yield more opportunity.

TIP: Put measures in place so that enquiries and leads, irrespective of where they originate, are always handled swiftly. There are numerous software tools to aid lead management, plus outsourced outbound calling support can relieve the burden of lead follow up. Also, ask yourself why leads are falling through the net. Understanding the reasons why will help identify improvements.

Joanne Tattum concluded: “While there are some brilliant examples of exceptional above and beyond customer care in the property sector, this report shows there is still room for improvement. The demands of the last two years have certainly impacted customer care and resource has been stretched, but it’s important now to look ahead, put remedial steps in place and ensure that the customer really does feel like they are king.”

To see where the property sector excelled and needs improvement, download the full report here:

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Joanne Tattum

Joanne Tattum, Head of the Estate Agents Sector at Moneypenny. Moneypenny has more than 1,000 staff and handles more than 20 million customer communications a year, for 21,000 companies, ranging from multi-nationals to start-ups. It has grown rapidly in the last four years, from £19 million revenue p/a to a projected £50 million this year. It is known for its award winning culture, its excellent customer service and low staff turnover.