Webinar: Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Practice and Case Management System

The global pandemic has now forced many firms to bring forward the plans they had to digitalise their practice as mobility and accessibility have become essential in navigating government social distancing guidelines. Choosing the right practice and case management software is vital now more than ever, so that firms can still operate through these exceptional times and build on these foundations in order to survive in the new working world. Join this webinar to hear our experts discuss the top 10 tips you need to know when choosing a practice and case management system during the changing tides of the legal sector this year.


Advanced has over 30 years’ experience in technical systems development. We provide legal software solutions to more than 5,000 law firms and barristers’ chambers, and more than 50,000 users. Our legal customers depend on our solutions to support their business aims and processes every day. Our legal-centric software includes integrated chambers and practice case management systems, process workflows, time recording, Cloud forms, Cloud dictation and digital document bundle production. Many of our customers also rely on our business solutions to manage their core business processes such as HR, payroll, finance, spend management and IT services. Our goal is to enable our customers to drive efficiencies, savings and growth opportunities. We do this by providing right-first-time software solutions that evolve with the changing needs of their business and the environment they operate in. When it comes to legal – we’re in your corner.