Document Collaboration with Docusoft

Remote working has increased significantly in recent times! Business teams have to share documents and personal data as a part of their regular business operations. They also commonly need to collaborate on the documents they share with colleagues.

Docusoft offers many tools that support remote-working and document collaboration. When used in combination with a document management system, the result is a great system that can be used for collaboration.

Document collaboration, in simple terms, refers to multiple users either sequentially or simultaneously working on a single document with co-authors. In the majority of cases, document collaboration takes place on cloud-based systems. Software tools provide access for team members so that they can work on a document. Documents are stored in central cloud repositories and accessed via the internet. These platforms may also offer additional functionality, such as document management, a file-sharing Portal, and workflow tools that further enhance the user experience, improve security, user controls, and audit trails.

A shared storage area: You will need to share documents from a secure, shared location and accessible by all parties/authors.

Apps that support co-authoring: Microsoft office apps such as Word and PowerPoint and more recent than Office 2010 support co-authoring, MS Excel will require Microsoft 365. Google docs, slides, and sheets are also powerful applications accessed via a web browser.

Documents that support co-authoring: Not all file formats support co-authoring, so before you start collaborating, make sure the file you are working on supports collaboration or can be upgraded to a file format that does!

Assign co-authors access permissions: Access rights and permissions must be set for all co-authors to edit documents.

Alternative solutions for co-authoring: In addition to the many individual software options available, many document management systems, such as Docusoft CloudFiler, also enable document collaboration for its users. For any business that wants to improve the efficiency of remote working, and make it more practical, then a DMS is a must-have solution. Implementing a document management system will help future proof your business, providing a cloud-based solution where you can store and index your business documents and information. One that lets you share business files and data securely. One that allows your teams to collaborate and co-author documents. Many DMS solutions are sold as ‘SasS’, making them far easier to adopt and implement.

Frequently asked questions on Collaboration

Can I co-author offline?
Depending on how you collaborate, you cannot co-author offline if you are working simultaneously because most collaboration tools rely on an internet connection. However, if you are collaborating sequentially, there are tools available to check out, lock the document for other users, and check documents back into the system when collaborating.

Who can co-author documents?
You can invite colleagues or any other users who have access to the system you are using or the location of where the document is stored and the required document editing permission.

Can share files with co-authors from different storage providers?
Apart from Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft’s SharePoint, and OneDrive, there are other software vendors like Docusoft that can provide you a complete solution that lets you collaborate effectively with colleagues. These systems generally include options for cloud storage, accessibility controls, and features to share documents securely with the people with whom you collaborate on documents.