Industry Insights: The Work from Anywhere (WFA) Environment: Overcoming the Challenges and Exploring New Opportunities

The move to a completely mobile workforce – working anywhere, at any time – was unexpected, yet swift. And the past year has shown that despite the challenges, opportunities abound.

We gathered together a panel of experts from leading accountancy practices and an IT consultancy to tell us how they use technology to enable mobile working and why they think an IT strategy is now central to attracting new talent. Our sponsors, Quiss and NetMotion, bring their joint expertise to this changing market.

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Netmotion / Quiss

Quiss / NetMotion
NetMotion is a software company, but it’s so much more than that. Founded in 2001 when mobile was far less pervasive than today, for the last 20 years we’ve obsessed over improving the lives of remote workers everywhere. Today more than one million workers and 3000 organizations rely on our technologies to stay productive, secure and connected. Quiss Technology is many different things to many different organisations, but has been delivering IT support services since we were founded in 1988; the early years of the information technology revolution and the same year Microsoft released Windows 2.03, MS-DOS 4.0 and the NeXT computer offered Motorola 68030 microprocessors, 8 megabytes of RAM, and a 256-megabyte read/write optical disk storage. Although we have grown and evolved to reflect the changing needs of our clients, our core vision remains the same today as it was then; to help organisations of all sizes and complexity to exploit technology and applications to gain or increase competitive advantage. Our business holds true to the ethos of a customer-centric experience, believing the quality of our service ensures we will succeed and grow, only as we help our clients improve the performance of their organisations. We are committed to our service levels and work to IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards. ITIL is the leading best practice guidance for IT Service Management and focusses on continual measurements and improvement of the quality of IT delivered, from both a business and a customer perspective.