Five Reasons to Outsource Your Switchboard

A busy switchboard is the heart of any thriving legal, financial, or property business. It is the eyes and ears of an operation that keeps communication flowing and carries brand image firmly in its hands. When the pandemic hit and face-to-face interaction became off-limits, phone lines became even more crucial – they were the backbone of firms as they switched to remote working, endeavoured to maintain client relationships and scrambled to remain functional practically overnight.

However, according to research by outsourced communications provider Moneypenny, many struggled to manage their switchboards throughout the pandemic.

Moneypenny provides telephone answering and live chat services to hundreds of financial services businesses and is trusted by the UK’s top accounting firms, including five of the top 30; handles more than 2 million legal calls and live chats each year for more than 1,000 legal firms in the UK, including 60 of the top 200; and provides telephone answering and live chat support to hundreds of agents across the UK.

Data from the ‘What’s next for the switchboard?’ report revealed that almost half of companies (49%) turned their switchboards onto 24/7 voicemail throughout lockdown, 30% admitted to trusting onsite security to answer calls and a third removed phone numbers from their website altogether.

With two-thirds of UK businesses expecting call volumes to increase once more staff return to offices and the economy reopens, it’s never been more important to prioritise client care and put futureproof communications strategies in place. Here Moneypenny reveals why an outsourced switchboard could be the answer.

1. Extend your opening hours

The pandemic has changed people’s working hours and routines and many people wish to contact businesses outside of the traditional 9-5, or at the weekend. With an outsourced switchboard, you can deliver 24/7/365 support to your client base – without the need to hire extra resources.

2. Maintain consistent levels of service

Clients deserve to be treated with the same levels of service – no matter when, why or who they call. Outsourcing telephone answering ensures that there’s never a dip in quality, improving efficiency and cementing brand values.

3. Save cash

One of the major benefits of outsourcing is that fixed overheads can be switched to variable ones based on demand, saving money and meaning your employees’ workloads aren’t impacted by the need to handle more client communications when things get busy.

4. Embrace technology

Advances in both artificial intelligence (AI) technology and vocal recognition software present unprecedented opportunities to superpower your business, making the most of ground-breaking technology without the hefty investment.

5. Let staff flourish

Interruptions cost both time and money. Without the pressure of handling calls, staff can focus on what they do best – whether it’s meeting and greeting visitors or getting on with more profitable tasks.

Outsourcing a switchboard offers a seamless, professional and positive client journey that demonstrates to enquirers that you care. Missing calls, leaving people waiting or clunky transfers lead to bad first impressions and lost revenue, so failure to get things in order now could prove extremely costly.

Established in 2000, Moneypenny is the world’s market leader for telephone answering, live chat, outsourced switchboard and customer contact solutions. In total, more than 21,000 businesses benefit from Moneypenny’s mix of extraordinary people and ground-breaking technology.

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