Industry Insights: The Hallmarks of Successful Digital Transformation Programmes and What In-House Legal Can Learn

In this report, in partnership with ContractPodAi, we brought together in-house legal experts from leading companies so that they could tell us what successful digital transformation looked like for their departments. What did they measure? How did they measure it? And what advice do they have for those who need to tackle the people challenges?

Top 3 takeaways:

  1. Consider metrics that measure how a piece of tech contributes to sustainability objectives (e.g. number of pages not printed).
  2. Innovation is wider than just creating a new blockchain code. An innovation metric can change team culture by introducing skills, such as iterating.
  3. Companies can measure risk ROI by looking at where human intervention is reduced – a metric easily obtainable from ContractPodAi’s automation of risk-related activities.
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