Accelerating Legal Business Growth with Moneypenny and LeadersinLegal


16th April 2021


Moneypenny has joined forces with LeadersinLegal to help legal firms access proven methodologies for accelerating business growth.

LeadersinLegal provides exclusive groups for leaders of non-competing law firms and suppliers to law firms come together for peer-to-peer development and access to world-class business speakers and advisors.

Law firms have been invited to take part in the free trial session on April 21st which will provide a first introduction to LeadersinLegal’s business growth membership groups. A separate session aimed at suppliers into the legal industry will take place the following day.

In particular, the April 21st session will give legal leaders the opportunity to learn from highly acclaimed author and business speaker, David Smith, who is also chairing the meeting, on how to build a high-performance culture in the legal sector, as well as exchange best practice ideas with other firms. Strategies to address the most common challenges facing legal firms today will also be addressed.

Bernadette Bennett, Head of the Legal Sector at Moneypenny said: “We know from our own research that for the majority of legal firms (87%), generating new business leads is harder now than it was five years ago and that for many, they simply feel too busy to win new clients.

“As the path to growth comes with many challenges, especially after the last year, this session with LeadersinLegal will really help our legal clients look to the future and tackle their issues head on.  This is a great opportunity and we’re excited to see legal firms benefit.”

Peter Knight, Founder, LeadersinLegal said: “Our whole ethos is about creating a community of like-minded leaders who can not only learn from the brightest and best business strategists, but from each other. The sessions on April 21st and April 22nd provides the perfect chance for Moneypenny’s legal clients and the rest of the legal industry to see what we’re all about first-hand.”

Members of LeadersinLegal can access a wide variety of tools and activities each year including five member meetings where members get the chance to meet in a highly confidential environment and solve challenges together, 10 live webinars from world class speakers, quarterly sessions with trusted advisors spanning HR, the economy, marketing and business leadership, and access to a library of business resources.

Moneypenny handles more than 2 million legal calls and live chats each year for more than 1,000 legal firms in the UK, including 60 of the Top 200, thanks to its dedicated team of 60 legal receptionists.

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