Industry Insights: The Future is Bright, the Future is Automation… for In-House Teams

Our first in-house hangout of the year, in partnership with Clarilis and TLT, was all about the future of automation for in-house teams.

This is topical given that in-house teams are always under extreme pressure to cut costs and operate more efficiently, amid increasing regulation, economic uncertainty, and an ever-expanding workload—all amplified by the pandemic.

Top 3 takeaways:

  1. Not all transformation needs to be digital; tech is an enabler, not the objective itself. But if you are embracing a digital future, technology can be the key catalyst for helping you change and deliver on that.
  2. Collaboration is key. Treat your law firms as trusted advisors to help you navigate through the noise that surrounds LegalTech.
  3. First use cases need to give enough ROI to make the business say ‘we need to get more of this’.
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