React, Rethink, Reimagine: How law firms have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic

Just as the world’s medical professionals’ fight against this pandemic is far from over, our firms’ responses to managing in a changing world are also far from over.  The legal sector’s response to the pandemic has morphed from a sprint into a marathon, with the emergence of three key stages: React, Rethink, and Reimagine, as Peter Owen, founder of Lights-On Consulting explains.

The first government mandate to ‘work at home if you can’, necessitated a sprint-like, fast-react, ‘get things working in any way you can’ approach.

Then, as remote and hybrid working patterns began to settle, law firm leaders and their IT teams and advisers began to take a longer-term and more strategic view to rethink and reimagine a future for their firms in a post-Covid world.

Throughout all this, there has been an ever-growing and essential reliance on technology to communicate, work and progress the business, whilst being able to ‘work anywhere’.

Thinking back to the ‘React Phase’ of March 2020

During the initial phase of the pandemic, the sprint if you like, we were all made nervous with the fear of the unknown, fear for the health of our nearest and dearest and a general sense of unease at how long this would last for.

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Peter Owen

Peter Owen

Lights-On Consulting Limited
Peter is the Founding Director of Lights-On Consulting with over 30 years’ experience in IT. In addition to leading the Lights-On team, Peter provides high-level practical and strategic consultancy to several legal and professional services firms.