Moneypenny Launches Outbound Calling Service for Law Firms

Leading outsourced communications provider Moneypenny has launched an Outbound Calling service for the legal sector – to help firms save time and capture more leads.

The new service can be used to qualify conveyancing enquiries, handle inbound leads for personal injury and other claims, and contact wills and probate and lasting powers of attorney clients to gain up-to-date information on their circumstances.

Conveyancing leads will be managed via the Perfect Portal platform, where Moneypenny’s dedicated Outbound Team will respond directly to both inbound and referral enquiries. This will provide firms with a seamless outsourced solution where experienced legal receptionists will qualify leads, provide detailed quotes, convert enquiries, assign the matter to a fee earner and push the relevant data into firm’s case management system.

For claims and wills and probate calls, leads will be managed via secure databases that can be uploaded directly to a firm’s CRM.

Bernadette Bennett, Head of Legal Sector at Moneypenny, said: “Even before Covid-19 our research showed that legal firms often felt too busy to win new business – managing leads is time-consuming. Now, with many firms still operating with reduced resource, these challenges are even greater and it can be overwhelming for solicitors to juggle existing work and handle new enquiries.

“This can lead to a leaky sales funnel, as well as bad sentiment from prospects who feel they’ve been waiting too long for a call back or follow-up. By outsourcing this function, solicitors can strike while the iron’s hot and speak with prospects while their interest is high. We expect this new outbound service to really help legal firms improve client care and progress potential opportunities before a competitor gets to them.”

Moneypenny will respond to leads from any source, calling them promptly from the firm’s office telephone number to ensure a professional experience.

Yvonne Hirons, Founder and CEO of Perfect Portal said: “Firms invest valuable time and money into generating leads, so just as much effort should go into handling them quickly and efficiently. By joining forces with Moneypenny we’re able to offer users a completely new business management solution that can boost productivity and improve the client experience. I look forward to seeing how the partnership evolves.”

Pritpal Chahal, Solicitor and Practice Manager for Askews Legal LLP, said: “We receive a lot of enquiries each day, particularly for conveyancing. Moneypenny’s Outbound Team now picks up and qualifies our leads. It’s taken the pressure off our admin staff and ensured every lead is contacted and made to feel valued – exactly what we wanted to achieve.”

Moneypenny handles more than 2 million legal calls and live chats each year for more than 1,000 legal firms in the UK, including 60 of the Top 200, thanks to its dedicated team of 60 legal receptionists.

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