The Truth About Starting a New Job Virtually

Starting a new job is scary enough, let alone the prospect of starting it virtually, in the midst of a pandemic. For some of us, flexible working has arrived quicker than anticipated and we have been forced to adapt once again in extraordinary circumstances. Any new job will now most likely be started virtually, meaning meeting new colleagues is now a wave in front of the camera, or a quick two-minute introduction, with 40 of your colleagues, staring back at you! Something we perhaps would never have imagined a year ago. But here we are.

So how has it been? Well, I am here to put your mind at ease. As a new joiner at T-Tech, I can happily say that it’s not been as daunting as I originally imagined, and any prior apprehensive thoughts have all but disappeared.

Starting a new job at a tech company was definitely a good choice! The use of Microsoft technology provided by T-Tech, enabled a swift transition from day one. The initial worry of how I was going to meet and communicate with my colleagues instantly vanished. The ease of being introduced to teammates on Microsoft Teams made the process of adapting, smooth and comfortable. I can now say I have experienced all the perks of work in one system, all from the comfort of my own home. It was a win-win situation from the get-go.

Let’s break it down

My experience with the software as a novice user has been a breeze. Everything I could possibly need to communicate, work, and collaborate with my colleagues, is located in one place. Teams was easy to navigate right from the start, with the assistance of the built-in tutorials as an extra hand.

Communicating with team members quickly became effortless, as I learned all communication channels are centralised in Teams. I can video call a team member when I need their help on a piece of work, which is further supported by the file-sharing option, where we can work on one document together – at the same time!

Making calls to colleagues or clients has never been so simple and has trained me to actually pick up the phone and talk to my peers, rather than exchanging 100 emails back and forth. My work is managed efficiently within Teams and I love having other apps from my Office 365 suite integrated. It allows me to manage my time effectively, collaborate hassle-free, and communicate with my team.

We all know that communication tools have given more accessibility to workers now than ever before, but there’s something about Teams that just feels so slick. With the help of my friendly and supportive teammates to guide me along the way, I can truly say it’s been a pain-free ride.

Virtual new starter secrets

For anyone worried about starting a new job during this pandemic, here are some of my secrets to surviving:

  • Call your team members – it is much easier than sending emails to and fro!
  • Support and encourage your colleagues in the company-wide community channel – a little gif never hurt anybody 😊
  • Make time for non-work catch-ups across departments – getting the work/life balance right is really important and has helped me to build meaningful relationships.
  • Set weekly reminders in your calendar to keep on top of your activities. We don’t currently have the luxury of nudging a colleague on the desk next door to give you reminders!
  • Use the help button on Teams if you have a query – you should never feel left in the dark, and asking for help is a good thing
  • Embrace the technology available to you – it can completely enhance your working day and make your life a lot simpler when it comes to daily tasks. Open yourself up to learning and trying out new things.

Take the plunge into Teams

There we have it. Starting a new job from home on a permanent basis, whilst different to what I am (and the whole world) is used to, was surprisingly stress-free. Although the circumstances were unusual, and of course I would love the office environment experience, T-Tech has committed to making it as seamless and similar as possible. We even have coffee catch-ups firmly scheduled into our weekly calendar – almost the same as the office kitchen natter!

My advice to anyone starting a new job virtually is to not be afraid. Change is good and embracing technology will help you throughout. Yes, this year has been difficult, but if anything, it has taught me that anyone can adapt and be agile in all circumstances.

I have learnt that it doesn’t take anything fancy to get my work done. Flexible and collaborative technology, a healthy mindset, and an endless supply of tea ensure my day is as unconstrained and efficient as can be. Ultimately, being a virtual new starter has encouraged me to go with the flow.

Starting a new job virtually doesn’t need to be stressful. Just join us on Teams!

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