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18 Pieces of Tech that Saved 2020

With the many disruptions brought by the events of 2020, our reliance on tech was made more evident than ever before. In light of this, we asked our community of industry leaders to share the piece of tech that made the biggest difference to them this year, professionally or personally. Here is the top tech of 2020 according to our community:


1. Cloud computing

– Philip Woodgate, Partner at Goodman Jones LLP



2. iPod, iTunes, Apple Music and Deejay2.

Music is the answer! – James Pellatt, Director of Workplace and Innovation at Great Portland Estate

3. Dragon Professional Anywhere

Professionally – Dragon Professional Anywhere digital dictation/voice recognition software. It means that I do my own document production without being hampered by my abysmal typing speed. It makes it easier for me to get my thoughts down and then edit them in something approaching real-time. There was an upgrade to the software at some point earlier this year and that triggered some problem which meant that I had to do without it for a couple of days. I found that I had almost forgotten how to work without it, relying on a secretary for longer pieces of text and my own typing for shorter ones.

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