24 Best Reads of 2020 According to Industry Leaders

‘Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller

We asked some of our industry leader community to recommend the best book they read in 2020 and they kindly obliged. We hope you find inspiration for your 2021 reading list!


Recommended by Andrew Yearsley, Chief Technology Officer, Bishop Fleming


“Whether you are a Pink Floyd fan or not (and who isn’t?) it is brilliantly written.”

Recommended by Karl Chapman, Chief Executive Officer of Riverview Law


Recommended by Philip Woodgate, Partner at Goodman Jones LLP


Recommended by James Pellatt, Director of Workplace and Innovation at Great Portland Estate


“I knew how it was going to end (that was one of the periods I studied at University as part of my degree) but I wanted to see how she would allow the story to unfold.”

 Recommended by Chris Wilkinson, Partner at Maples Teesdale


Recommended by Zahid Hussein, Managing Director at ZGRP


“As a thought-provoking book  – Matthew Syed’s Rebel Ideas. As a book that should be a lesson to all why we need to act with humanity and kindness to one another – Jack Fairweather’s The Volunteer. As a book I may be asking a number in my business to read – Simon McCrum’s The Perfect Legal Business.  Whilst its brevity does not allow for some of the subtle nuances some of the messages need to be couched in the basic principles resonate.”

Recommended by Edward O’Rourke, CEO and Partner at Ashtons


Recommended by Richard Kleiner, Managing Partner and CEO at Gerald Edelman


Recommended by Ian Carlson, Managing Director at Old Mill


“It’s humbling, grounding and beautiful.”

Recommended by Joanna Kingston-Davies, Joanna Kingston-Davies, COO at Jackson Lees Group


“I have read 36 books so far this year and my favourite was Fifty Fifty by Steve Cavanagh”

Recommended by Lisa Leighton, Partner at BHP Chartered Accountants


Recommended by Maurus Schreyvogel, Chief Legal Innovation Officer at Novartis


Recommended by Chris Madden, IT Director at Kreston Reeves


“My wife and I read it early in the lockdown, and it’s been my favourite all year.”

Recommended by Sam Moore, Innovation Manager at Burness Paull


“I love the stories about how and why cities have developed as they have.  This book is filled with stories and anecdotes that help you understand the reasoning behind things you’ve likely never considered before.”

Recommended by Steve Dalgleish, Head of Technology at Shepherd and Wedderburn


“Inspired me to build a Neapolitan pizza oven and start mastering the craft of pizza making. Video here

Recommened by Rickard Warnelid, Partner at Mazars


“Without question. It changed my world view.”

Recommended by Helen Archibald, Chief Operating Officer at Thorntons Law LLP


Recommended by Isla Mayfield, Business Advisory Senior Operations Manager at Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP


Recommended by Richard Thompson, Senior Legal Counsel at SimplyHealth


Recommended by Paul Longhurst, Consultant and Owner at 3Kites


Recommended by Jonny Woodward, IT Director at PKF Francis Clark


Recommended by Amy Brookbanks, Head of Legal Operations, Ocado


“I tend to listen to podcasts.  The Missing Hit impressed on me (again) the value of perseverance if you have a strong instinct about something.  The story is a bit frivolous but the message stands”

Recommended by Atillio Morosini, IT Director at Chestertons


Recommended by Dan Mitchell, Head of IT at Clarion Solicitors

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