Cloud Migration—What You Need to Know

With the move to remote working world-wide, the cloud has played an increasingly crucial role in business continuity. Cloud implementations and migrations for some organisations were executed quickly to cope with the increased impact on infrastructure due to the coronavirus pandemic. For firms still moving towards migrating or implementing a cloud document management solution, there are important factors to consider.

Know Your Data (KYD)

What do firms need to do?

Anyone moving their content must ensure they have a really solid picture of what exists, how it’s organised and of any inconsistencies that will need to be dealt with before migrating to the cloud. Know Your Data is a focus of RBRO as we support our clients with their move.

What are the implications of not doing this?

  • Legacy systems have content that has mounted up over many years.
  • Often, the content has been added by less than compliant means, i.e. data may exist that doesn’t follow the business rules of the application, thus bringing in possible GDPR compliance issues.
  • Data may not be organised as effectively as necessary for a move, causing a delay in your cloud migration.

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