Planning is paramount: An Interview with Steve Tregenza, Finance Director at Capsticks

An interview with Steve Tregenza, Financial Director at Capsticks, in partnership with Katchr.

Capsticks is a leading UK law firm specialising in the health, housing, regulatory and social care sectors. With offices in Birmingham, Chorley, Leeds, London and Winchester, Capsticks employs around 450 people, including 55 partners.  This interview, in partnership with Katchr, is with Steve Tregenza who joined Capsticks just over two years ago. He trained at PwC in his native New Zealand, before moving to the UK and taking up a succession of finance roles in the media industry. Capsticks, where he leads a finance team of 20, is his first post in the legal sector.

Like many people, Steve has been largely working from home since mid-March.

“We were all set to begin the staged process of bringing people back into the office when lockdown restrictions began to be tightened up again. We’re now back at just a skeleton crew in the offices and everyone else working remotely. I’ve been in twice in six months,” he says.

Pre-2020, Capsticks had enjoyed three years of strong growth. The annual budget was regularly exceeded, and average annual growth was around 10%.

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